Defrage – Albumrelease „The Sick Letter“

New Album, new Chapter?

Defrage - The Sick Letter


Everything’s different, but still… 100% „them“

Yesterday took the last Concert of Defrage’s Jackal-Tour place at Alte Kaserne in Zürich. It was then, when I got the brandnew Album „The Sick Letter“ with 15 songs on it, 14 of them written by Kari Kärner. What would they sound like? I knew already that the songs would be harder and that the screaming parts (performed by Andre Kaldas) would range from lower pitch and growls to high screams.

But what does that mean? Completely different or would they stick to their style with catchy tunes?

After being persuaded of Defrage last September my preferred music style changed remarkably. Good thing I met them back then because „Jackal“ (available on iTunes) was a mixture of Rock and Metal and even „Miss Pop, RnB and Rap“ found immediately two to three songs on that CD that she liked (I’m talking about myself folks…). After listening to the songs of the first album over and over I hadn’t any „problem“ with the screaming parts, that I did absolute not like at first. Meanwhile I listen to stuff like Five Finger Death Punch, Seether, P.O.D., Iced Earth, Saliva, Puddle of Mudd and… Defrage 🙂

On my way home I thrust the CD into the player and was curious what’s to come. Woah… GUYS… You have now idea, what happened to me when I listened to your songs. I was knocked over. Completely.

Pure energy and truckloads of emotions

Right now while typing this I’m listening to „We are Metal“ and I swear I can see watersplashes flying around when Andres Arens flailes at the drums like there’s no morning. I’m sure that Kari Kärner (composer and rhythm guitar), once again whirled and jumped around while playing like he always does, Aleks Ohaka (solo guitar) and Joonas Uus (bass guitar) strumming and plucking like hell and headbanging in time with the music. Andre Kaldas turning into a Snakehead when performing the high pitched screams, transforming back into a low growling Wolf. Even the soothing and soft voice of Argo Ollep turns into a pleading and vivid instrument to transport the message.

What does that mean for Non-Metal-Lovers?

I listened now to all tunes for at least 4 times already and I can’t decide which one I love the most. There are TOO MANY… beside the metal versions of „One World, One Dream“ and the fabulous Cover of „Video Games“ there’s even an (anti-)ballad on it and a song to dream away (Lullaby) with witch they once again will catch the „Misses Pop, RnB and Rap“ out there. Thumbs up from my side, I’m so looking forward to the next live performance to see if the images in my head turn into reality 🙂

Meanwhile have a look at the pictures of their last concert in Switzerland on their „Jackal“-Tour