Nova Rock 2013

Defrage @ RedBull Brandwagen Stage

The RedBull Brandwagen Stage was the official 3rd Stage this year. Smaller than the Blue or Red Stage, but nevertheless impressive. And the location was brilliant, because everyone who wanted to get from one big stage to the other had to pass the RedBull Stage. So chances are, that people will stop to listen to the bands there too. If they’re good that is 🙂 I missed the 1st day completely and haven’t heard all bands on day 2 or 3 but I doubt that there was a single band who wasn’t good.

Defrage - Nova Rock 2013, RedBull Brandwagen Stage, Nickelsdorf (AT)

Defrage – Nova Rock 2013, RedBull Brandwagen Stage, Nickelsdorf (AT)

If I got that correct, all bands were performing for the first time at Nova Rock, but I’m pretty sure that everyone participated at a festival in previous years as a visitor and dreamed about being part of the line-up one day. Some performances were impressive and sticked more to my mind than others, but then… improvement is always and for everyone upwardly open.

The Band Manager organised me prior to the Festival an Artist Pass for the day of the gig, and I could enjoy some benefits through it. Thanks again for this, Alo! You might guess that I’m probably a bit prejudiced because I like Defrage very much. And you are right 🙂 For example, I haven’t noticed during the concert, that Argo catched a cold thus his voice wasn’t as good as usual. But this didn’t stop them and the fans obviousely didn’t mind. Everyone seemed to have a good time during their Gig and from my point of view the Artists enjoyed it too (even if they weren’t a hundred percent pleased with themselves).

My picture gallery with 81 pictures from the Nova Rock gig is online. I tried to film their live performance of „We Are Metal“ too. The music is distorted and it’s no comparison to what it sounded live (of course) 🙂 Have a look at Youtube.